About us

Medical Grade Quality


 Our mission is to provide alternative, natural ways of healing without using industrialized pharmaceuticals with handcrafted premium cannabis products. 



We embrace philanthropic opportunities in the community. We donate 10% of our profits to  cancer monthly from our Pink Cone ProRoll collection.  

Community Outreach


 Our goal is to continuously raise industry standards and invest Professional Education & Training for our employees and community. We allowing our employees time to give back to the local community including supporting prison reform and minority business opportunities.

Integrity Over Profits


We only harvest premium quality products from clean, professional, quality partners.  We are deeply rooted in the medical cannabis community using the same attentive practices. Our passion for cannabis began in the Oregon medical(OMMP) industry in 2008. After years of testing medical grade cannabinoid products for cancer treatment, pain relief, and other medical issues BlazeThru® was created. 

Excellent Service


Our Headquarters is located in our state-of-the-art facility in beautiful Hillsboro, Oregon, USA. We strive for EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. 

Our fully-automated supply chain management system ensures quick & easy refills.

Local Grass Roots


We have spent 26 years researching cannabis industry all over the globe. We are a locally owned owned and operated.  We use local small-batch cannabis combined with our genuine humble processing techniques to ensure our product integrity is never compromised for profits.